lundi 30 septembre 2013

Les colibris

Voici quelques photos des colibris que j'ai eu le plaisir de photographier cet été. Notre buvette est installée tout près de notre fenêtre, les photos ont donc été prises à travers celle-ci. J'ai vu mon dernier colibri le 19 septembre dernier.

Ci -dessous, ce jeune mâle (regardez son cou, ses petits points indiquent que c'est un mâle) est resté parmi nous jusqu'au 19 septembre dernier.

À bientôt mes petits colibris...


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  1. Hi Louise...Always hate to see then leave , such adorable,feisty little ones!! : ) !
    Your photo's are great, I love the coming in for a landing with those little feet showing!!

    I took my feeder down yesterday, since I hadn't seen any in the past week, then this morning on Facebook I see where a friend of mine posted that she had hummingbirds at the feeder !! She is a couple hours further North up the coast, so there may be some still migrating , wish I had
    left mine up a bit longer!!
    Hope you week is a good one!!

    1. Hi Grace,
      Yes, it is always sad when they leave but that's nature... My brother-in-law is passionate with them and he really follows everything about them. He told me that this year, they seam to stay longer; no wonder with the nice temperature we have right now! He follows them on a site (made in Québec, in french) that has maps of their arriving and departure. I go there to leave my observations, it is really nice. Here is the link:
      There is no rain in the forecast for a second week; nice summer weather for the whole week!
      Hope you have a great one too!
      Louise : )

  2. So much lovely photo's with nice colors.....i like this post very much Louise.

    Greetings, Joop

  3. Lovley photo of the colibri ,i have one like that from te time in Canada ,before digital cameras ,Nette

  4. Great pictures of the colibri. So special to have them in your garden, we don't have colibris in our country.

  5. Such a wonderful bird!! Great photos :))

  6. Wonderful pictures, They are beautiful :)
    Greetings, Ela

  7. Lovely pictures! Its such a tiny bird and it moves very fast. We don't have them here.
    Greetings, Gonnie

  8. Wow what an amazing guest in your own garden Louise
    I can imagine that you have enjoyed this lovely birds very much.
    Nice pictures and thanks for sharing.
    Greetings, natuurkieker Coby

  9. Hallo Louise, mooie serie, gaaf hoor de kolibrie.
    Groet van Kees

  10. These birds, I have not seen before, fine and exciting photos!


  11. Piękne zdjęcia udało Ci się zrobić, gratuluję!
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  12. Hello Louise
    Great p[ictures from this little bird.
    Greetings Bets

  13. Hi Louise,

    What a nice (flight)shots did you make of this Colibris. They are so cute to see and amazing how fast they can move their wings, just a little wonder of nature gain. I see you have a special colibris-feeding-machine! The picture you made of the throat with the pattern is also great, I didn't know about the information you gave. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a nice weekend,

  14. Ohhhhhhh .... what I find this cool Louise!! Just gorgeous! A real bird hummingbird in your garden! I'm not going to pick favorites because that they are in this series all :-))))
    Kind regards, Helma