jeudi 16 août 2012

D'autres petites bêtes...

Je sais que vous avez bien aimé mon premier billet sur le sujet. J'ai donc décidé de répéter la chose.

Ce n'est pas les occasions qui manquent quand on veut photographier des insectes surtout quand on a beaucoup de différentes plantes tout près. Pour moi, ces insectes sont tout aussi beaux que les fleurs ou les oiseaux!

En voici donc quelques uns croqués au cours des dernières semaines...

Merci pour vos gentils commentaires pour mon précédent billet!

Bonne fin de semaine à toutes et tous,

14 commentaires:

  1. I like them all ,the first one i did´nt see it first but it was a lovley one ,have a nice day ,Nette

  2. I agree with you, insects are just as beautiful as flowers and birds. The white spider is new to me never saw it before. The butterfly on your sixth photo is amazing. It looks like there is a butterfly painted on an other one. Fantastic photo's Louise.
    Have a nice evening.

  3. Beautiful series of the natur.
    Wish you a nice weekend.
    From Hilda

  4. Hello Louise,
    It is a wonderfull world the world of the insects and spiders. There are so many different kinds of them.
    I love your butterfly's.
    Greetings, Gonnie

  5. Hi Louise...Love these flower with the insects...amazing how some of the spider camouflage themselves with the color of the plant!! Really like the first spiders color, and the big caterpillar is a great one!!
    Thanks for sharing !!
    Have a good weekend !

  6. Piękne, a motyle rewelacja, duże, kolorowe, fantastyczne.
    Pozdrawiam, miłego dnia.

  7. Hello Louise, I like all that small animals.
    Insectes and spiders are very interesting and
    beautfull object for macro.
    You show us a very nice pictures.
    Very special, I think the white spider, which
    a beautiful animal!!!
    This spider we have not in the Netherlands.
    I have a post today with an other specie of spider.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful series.
    Natuurkieker Coby

  8. Hi Louise,

    what a beautiful and full blog with various insects. white spider that I do not know them and have never seen. Your pictures of butterflies 6 and 12 I find really beautiful. Really enjoy again of so much beauty.

    Warmest regards, Helma

  9. Oh, so many beautiful butterflies, spiders and creeps you have found! Like your photos very much. Have a nice day/Susanne

  10. Nice flowers and insects on your photo's.
    What a beauitiful butterflies. these species are not in the Netherlands.
    Have a nice weekend

  11. Hello Louise

    What a lot of nice pictures, with insects, butterflys and flowers, very nice.
    Greetings Bets

  12. Thanks for a nice hour in your blogg! Lovely pictures!

  13. Je suis impressionnée par le nombre d'insectes que tu as observé; un grand nombre que je n'ai jamais vu! Les photos sont impressionnantes!

  14. Beautiful pictures you show here, all was good but my favorite is no. 12.