lundi 18 juin 2012

Les petites bêtes...

Il m'arrive souvent de découvrir dans mes macro-photos, des insectes que j'ai photographié sans le savoir. Cachés sous les feuilles, ils font leur apparition au moment même ou je prend la photo.

Dans les images qui suivent, un mélange de ce type de clichés ainsi que d'autres dans lesquelles l'insecte était vraiment le sujet principal.

Bonne semaine à tous et toutes!

29 commentaires:

  1. Very nice Louise! The most I love the butterflies but the insects and spiders (not MY favourite kind of animal) in combination with raindrops/water are also beautiful.


  2. Hello Louise,
    The first one is very surprising. Lovely with the raindrops.
    I recognize this "problem". Specially when the insects are very tiny.
    Greetings, Gonnie

    1. Thank you Gonnie. Yes the problem is frequently with small insects... Many pictures here were taken knowing the insect was there. :)

  3. Lovley pictures of all the small animals ,have a nice evening ,Nette

  4. Pochowały się pod liście ale i tak je wypatrzyłaś :)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  5. Perfect insect pictures.


  6. The insect's are always special to me. How fantastic the way you did capture this litte creature's.
    Have a nice evening Louise.

  7. Beautiful series from the summer.
    Wish you a great week.

  8. Louise, a most lovely series of photographs! I love surprises like this. You never know what you will find in you images. Most often the are improvements to what you thought you had. It's difficult to select favorites, but if I had to, I would choose the top two spider photographs and the two images of the insect on the daisy-like flower. All are stunning, though! It's always a joy to visit your wonderful blog!

  9. Lovely pictures of the raindrops and the beautiful butterfly.
    Also nice pictures of flowers and small insects.

  10. Hello Louise, I recognize that sometimes at home on the computer you discover a surprise.
    I always enjoy the combination of a flower and a little animal.
    Beautiful macro pictures, thank you for sharing.
    Greetings from Holland,
    Natuurkieker Coby

  11. Very nice picture's Louisa
    Very nice with the rain drops
    Warm greetings Janny

  12. Hallo Luise,

    ik ben weer terug van mijn lange weekend weg :-) Leuk deze serie met de bloemen en de onverwachte insecten. Ik hou van deze kleine dierenwereld in de macro. Mijn favoriete foto is foto 4 van de vlinder want dat is een hele mooie vlinder. Je 1e foto vind ik heel leuk genomen met die kleine pootjes op een stengel vol druppels :-)

    Lieve groetjes, Helma

  13. Hello Louise
    Great macropictures, i love them all, but the first one is very special.
    Greetings Bets